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CTK introduced rules for Utilizing AI Tools


Guidelines for Utilizing AI Tools in CTK Newsrooms

1. All CTK newsroom employees are urged to get acquainted with these tools, explore their functionalities, and share their experiences.

2. AI tools can expedite content preparation, enhance content, rephrase or condense texts, if used appropriately. When utilizing them for such tasks, we need to thoroughly verify the factual accuracy of the modified text.

3. The current versions of AI tools are not reliable information sources and hence, they are not suitable for research purposes. If we use them for these tasks, we must validate each fact using a separate source.

4. The responsibility for news content cannot be transferred to AI, it remains with the human involved, that is, the author/editor and/or editorial leadership.

5. Any suggestions for the safe application of generative AI tools that could simplify or remove routine work are greatly appreciated.

6. During testing, remember that publicly accessible tools use all experiments for further training. Hence, it's strictly forbidden to input sensitive corporate or personal data of third parties into these systems. This includes, for instance, the emails containing business cards (phone numbers), unless they are press releases intended for public dissemination.

7. Be aware that other information sources might also use artificial intelligence. For instance, if we are aware that AI was used in the research we are reporting on, we should always acknowledge that in our article. It might also be appropriate to request additional information about the usage of AI.

8. CTK is not currently employing generative AI tools to create images for news-related purposes (e.g., illustrative photos).

9. The foundational document for the production of CTK news content is the CTK Code of Conduct, along with the Principles for the Creation of CTK News (referred to as the 'CTK Bible'). These Guidelines for Working with AI Tools are an integral part of these documents. 10. AI tool development is a rapidly progressing field, therefore, CTK will consistently update the regulations concerning their use.