About Us

"speed - reliability - independence"

Who we are

CTK is a public corporation established by law. The state is not responsible for any CTK obligations and CTK is not responsible for any state obligations. CTK is not subsidized by the state.

CTK is politically and financially independent. CTK´s motto is: speed - reliability - independence.

CTK Multimedia production

Includes news services in the Czech, Slovak and English languages, photo and audio services, video service, infographics and other services. CTK delivers to its clients an average of 600 news items, up to 400 photos, 10 videos and 50 audios a day.

CTK Council

The legal position and mission of the Czech News Agency Council The position of the Council is laid out in articles 4-8 of the Czech News Agency Law. It is a seven-member body constituted by the law for the right of the public to oversee the news agency. Its powers include oversight ensuring that CTK fulfils its mission and provides objective and comprehensive information for the free formation of opinions. The Council also rules on complaints against the agency's activities. The Council fulfils tasks that are based on its existence as the oversight body of the agency. It names and removes the Director General, decides on complaints filed against the Director General, approves the budget and the annual report as well as approves the Agency Statute on the proposal of the Director General. The Council also monitors any subsidies from the state budget should they be provided.

Council members are elected by the Chamber of Deputies for a maximum of two five-year periods.