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Over hundred journalists attend fact-checking seminar at ČTK Academy


The ČTK Academy, with the support of the Google company, prepared a series of seminars on fact-checking, primarily designed for journalists. During five months, the lecturers from the ČTK trained more than a hundred journalists from Prague, Brno, Ostrava, Hradec Králové, České Budějovice, and Olomouc. The aim of the seminars was to raise awareness of various fact-checking techniques using Google tools developed specifically for journalists.

"The seminar programme included verification using advanced search, digital verification, and also work with Pinpoint, Flourish and Google Earth. The response was very positive, and some editorial offices ordered the seminar repeatedly," said Martina Vašíčková, project coordinator and director of the ČTK Academy.

The lecturers of the course were senior editor Zdeněk Veit and foreign-desk editor Jakub Dospiva, who were trained by the Google company.

Thanks to Google's support, the programme was free for journalists and was attended by editors from the central and regional editorial desks of Czech Television, Czech Radio and ČTK, and more than two dozen editors were sent by the Economie publishing house. Regional editors of the news portal Drbna also came to the ČTK Academy classroom. The training was attended by editors of the Právo and MF Dnes dailies as well.