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Super Photo Bank, created by merging ČTK photo bank and Profimedia, offers new content


Super Photo Bank – this is how the ČTK national news agency and the Profimedia largest photo bank in Central Europe have named their joint project. As of September 1, both firms will launch a unique offer of content on the website of Profimedia that the ČTK bought last July.

"The entire content of the ČTK and other significant sources represented by the agency, which clients previously gained from the ČTK Photo Bank, will now be added to the millions of Profimedia photographs. Clients in ten countries, but primarily in the Czech and Slovak markets, will thereby have access to a unique offer of more than 200 million photos at one place. This will be the cutting edge in terms of technology and content. We believe that this will improve the quality of work of all our partners and make it faster,” ČTK general director Jiří Majstr said.

ČTK clients will be able to newly use the Solwee platform of the Profimedia Photo Bank. “However, most of them have already used Profimedia together with the ČTK Photo Bank. Consequently, they know the environment very well. Now, they will have the content of both photo banks at one place. This will make their work more efficient. Thus, a unique collection of photographs from Czechoslovak history, current reportage photography, photos from the world of art, portraits, illustrative photographs, and those of food, red carpets and architecture is being created. Without any exaggeration, we can say that our clients will have access to the world’s richest archive,” Profimedia director Pavel Macků added.

Besides, when tuning up the conditions of the super photo bank launch, the ČTK and Profimedia saw to it that the prices per photograph did not rise for their clients with the transfer to the joint platform. The prices of photographs thus remain favourable even with a better content offer and technological background.

By this step, the ČTK is completing the first, crucial phase of the content and technological integration of both photo banks. The national news agency bought the Profimedia largest Central European photo bank, which operates not only in the Czech Republic and Slovakia but also in Hungary, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Romania, Bulgaria, Montenegro and Macedonia, in July of 2021.

The public ČTK secures its operation through its own business activities and does not draw any subsidies from public resources. The ČTK multimedia service daily offers 450 to 600 news items, roughly 300 own news and illustrative photos and further photographs from its partners from the whole world that it represents, including the American AP, the German dpa and other leading world creators as well as individual photographers. There are more than one million photographs in the ČTK digitised photo archive now, and their number has been continuously rising. The ČTK has about 250 employees and the annual turnover of more than 250 million crowns.

The Profimedia.CZ a.s. group offers photos from all over the world in all areas: illustrative photography, news, celebrities, fashion, food, garden, portrait, history. The group has 26 employees and has had the annual turnover of almost 130 million crowns in recent years.