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CTK has two programmes at Televize Seznam TV station


Expanding its impression, CTK started offering its content to another target group. It has launched two new programmes at Televizi Seznam, an open online platform for video sharing.

The first one is a news programme called Pohled zblízka (Close-Up Look), in which CTK presents key statements made by politicians and businesspeople whose decisions influence the lives of all citizens, reports on important events and interesting facts about nature and society. The shots are always close-ups – taken at the very spot the event took place.

The other programme is called Pro Business (For Business). It is a paid service, and like other services of CTK Protext, it is designed for the communication strategy of firms. The ideas for its video content are brought up by clients themselves and the videos are made by journalists who look for interesting facts in the background of firms and institutions to show a different face of the main personalities from the worlds of business, science and politics. The Pro Business videos are not part of CTK’s news service. They build on the podcast interview series Cetkast Pro Business, which the PR division of Protext has been preparing since December last year. The podcasts are available on Spotify, Google Podcasts and Apple Podcasts.

"We are using the video content that has already been shot to get it to other users. News and opinion journalism are popular on Televize Seznam, so we hope this content will be appealing to its viewers," said CTK strategy and development head Jaroslav Kabele.

The content of the short, raw videos comes mostly from direct videostreams of news events that CTK provides to its clients on an almost daily basis, or videostreams of press conferences, round tables, debates, prize announcements and new product presentations that CTK prepares for its commercial clients.