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ČTK news will ride with you in your car


If you buy a new Škoda car, you will most likely start driving with the ČTK news aboard. Or rather, you will always be perfectly informed directly from the source when driving your car. The ČTK current news items are displayed on the screens of the Škoda cars’ third-generation information system.

Thanks to the cooperation between the Škoda Auto Czech Republic and the Czech News Agency (ČTK), the Škoda car owners have an option to view news articles on their cars’ central display. The new information system of the Scala, Kamiq, Superb iV models and the Superb, Karoq and Kodiaq cars of the model year 2021 now shows the ČTK news, while users have a chance to add up to five other news channels themselves based on their own preferences.

The new generation of the information system of services brings news in the Czech language. The Rich Site Summary (RSS) function of the reader will be gradually introduced in the other Škoda models as well. Watching news directly on the central display of the car is another step on the path towards interconnecting the cars of the Mladá Boleslav trademark with the surrounding world and extending the Škoda Connect service.

"The ČTK news coverage provides unbiased and versatile information enabling the readers to make up their mind freely. At the same time, it serves as an independent information service for domestic and foreign media. This is why we have decided to cooperate with the national news agency," Petr Janeba, the Škoda Auto ČR marketing manager, explains why the company has chosen the ČTK. "But at the same time, we want to preserve the possibility to select an information source, and thus each customer can add other RSS links according to their own consideration and preferences. Thanks to this, the crew in the Škoda cars can always be kept up to date," Janeba adds.

"The ČTK has become a proud partner of the Cech industry flagship. We have always willingly and enthusiastically participated in innovative projects that are pushing technical and information boundaries into other dimensions. We are convinced that our running current news will enable the Škoda car crews to follow the developments they are interested in, no matter if this concerns politics, sport or culture, current events in the world or in the regions of our republic," said Jaroslav Kábele, the ČTK strategy and development director, commenting on the cooperation.

The Scala, Kamiq, Superb iV cars as well as the Superb, Karoq and Kodiaq cars of the 2021 model year have steady Internet connection. The eSIM with the high-speed LTE connection as part of the standard equipment offers the latest generation of mobile online services with unique infotainment applications that provide further functions. The additional purchases of a data SIM card or shared smart phone connection are not needed anymore. The new version of the Škoda Connect app designed for mobile phones, smart watches and the Škoda Connect web portal enables each user to have a long- distance access to their Škoda cars.

It newly offers a broader possibility of personalisation as well. The user can, for instance, configurate the keyboard shortcuts and change the order of services. Besides, it is possible to comfortably find out the fuel level and display or update further data about the car or its previous ride from any place.

The online and offline function are continuously mingling, and so the passengers need not switch them over manually all the time. The above-mentioned cars are offering the downloading of new infotainment apps directly from an online shop in the car. The applications Weather showing weather in the whole of Europe, and News, through which you can receive the latest news from particular channels directly via the infotainment system display, are currently available. After being installed in a car, the one-year use of both new applications is free of charge. Then, the minimum fee will be charged for each application.

Other apps are gradually launched, too, planned to reach the first customers at the end of the year. The apps developed in the future will be compatible retrospectively. You can choose other data packages in an online shop in the car. Thanks to them, the passengers have the data volume available via the Wi-Fi hotspot that can be used for future streaming services at their disposal.

The updated version of the Škoda Connect app is free for mobile phones with the Android or iOS operation systems in the respective shops of the given platforms. The Škoda Connect App offers its users even a possibility to personalise the application beyond the framework of addressing users with their names. At present, the order of the particular "information tiles" in the menu that, for instance, inform the user about the parked car position, its condition and driving data, can be individually changed in the menu.

Moreover, up to three shortcuts can be set on the initial application display that will facilitate the user’s access to the most frequently used data by one click only. The application background colour is adapting to the car colour. Many functions of the Škoda Connect App are now working faster and are easier to control. Compared to the previous version, a series of improvements is apparent. On the basis of the current users’ experience, a new structure of menu and particular data was developed, with which the app use seems even easier and more intuitive than before. The adaptable design helps get a response and go through particular menus faster. All digital channels of the trademark will soon get a new uniform design.