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Bisnode confirms ČTK’s ranking among the most stable firms in the Czech Republic


The Bisnode company has confirmed the high rating of the ČTK by giving it the Czech Stability Award with AAA (excellent) mark and listing the agency among the most stable firms in the Czech Republic. The ČTK has received this award regularly since 2014.

The Czech Stability Award assessment provides an independent view of a firm’s financial and non-financial solvency. The assessment model output is a mark on a scale from one to ten, with AAA being the best possible rating.

The certificate guarantees a stable company with high probability of fulfilling its commitments and obligations in business relations, high returnability of investments, low credit risk and minimum bankruptcy risk.

Bisnode presents the Czech Stability Award in cooperation with the CZECH TOP 100 Association. The assessment is updated annually and the results are announced in cooperation with CZECH TOP 100 in an independent category of the most stable firm of the year.