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ČTK offers transcribed texts from live video streams in real time


ČTK has launched real-time monitoring of its video streams in the form of voice-to-text artificial transcription using artificial intelligence. The news agency will thus be included in the offer of the monitoring system xStream from the Toxin monitoring agency, which contains text transcripts of live broadcasts of national television and radio stations. Transcripts of press conferences, round tables, professional conferences and public debates broadcast by ČTK in its Protext Video service will thus become a part of standard monitoring services.

"This brings our videostream service to a new dimension. We consider transcribing the spoken word with the help of artificial intelligence as a great chance and a great service for our clients," said Jiří Majstr, the ČTK CEO.

On-line alerts can be set in xStream system. This means that the user of the service receives a notification that someone is talking about topics or keywords that they are interested in and that they have pre-ordered to watch. Once alerted, the video stream can immediately be watched or viewed at any time offset, or scrolled back in time, even while the event is still live.

"It will also be easy to find information, because the transcribed text is easier to find than the spoken word record," added Majstr.

"I am very pleased that CTK is in favor of new technologies. The xStream system pushes the boundaries of media information to greater comfort," said Ladislav Procházka, head of the Toxin agency, which provides the technology.

The first video broadcast that ČTK offers via Toxin as a transcript is a press conference of the Prime Ministers of the Visegrad Group countries on Wednesday, March 4. V4 Prime Ministers will focus on the current situation regarding coronavirus in Europe. Other topics will be the situation in Turkey and migration and the EU's multiannual financial framework.

ČTK is ready to include the new service in the offer of other monitoring agencies that already provide such a service or are preparing to do so.