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ČTK presents unique photos and texts from the 1989 Velvet Revolution on social networks


What did ČTK write about and what topics for photography were chosen by its photojournalists? The events of autumn and winter of 1989, when Czechoslovakia freed itself from the Communist rule, are illustrated by the documentary series „From the ČTK Archives“, which the publishes on its social networks as a day-by-day Twitter and Facebook „feed“.

“For every day we select from the CTK archive one photo and one news text to commemorate the velvet atmosphere of 1989. Each text is authentic, each photo full of emotions. At that time people were creating history, it is necessary to remember that, ” the author of the project Martina Vašíčková said.

The project will go on until December 29. "That day 30 years ago, after the years of communist rule, the playwright Václav Havel was elected president, it is a symbolic date," Vašíčková added.