News from CTK

An exhibition pavilion for the Communication 89 project is being built at Letná


The functioning of the mass media and the dissemination of uncensored information during the communist years and the „Velvet Revolution“ is the subject of audiovisual exposition that is being created in the new exhibition pavilion at Letná Plain in Prague.

The pavilion will be divided into two spaces inside. The larger one will be dedicated to the exhibition itself, which will draw visitors into the events before November 1989. At the same time, it will offer them a comparison of the information that at that time came through state controlled media and news that spread through secret communication channels. In the smaller part of the pavilion there will be workshops and other events.

ČTK will loan archive photographs and contemporary news technology to the exhibition. The public will also be able to get acquainted with examples of special news wire service, which during the communist regime was reserved only for the top party cadres.

Until 1989, ČTK was fully under state control, which was reflected in its news immediately after the suppression of the student demonstration on Narodni trida on November 17, 1989. Since 1993, CTK has been a public-law institution separated from the state.