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The ČTK Academy offers a new media seminar for teachers


Even teachers have a lot to learn, as was proven by a new seminar about „media literacy“ for pedagogical staff, which was launched in September by the ČTK Academy. Teachers visited the newsroom, editor-in-chief Radka Marková introduced them to the editorial system. Together with the director of the ČTK Academy, Jiří Chrást, they discussed what a good headline or bad press release looks like. The one-day seminar is designed for secondary and higher level school teachers.

According to teachers, media education in schools is still inadequate; teachers usually look for and create the teaching materials themselves. At the seminar they appreciated especially practical exercises - writing reports, headlines, backgrounds.

“The information on how a news item is written was clear, concise, working with the text exhaustive, but effective. I liked the how not to write and how to make a bad text into eventually good news segment and I will try to teach children the same,”said Miloslava Sklářová from the Kutná Hora elementary school.

Teachers were also interested in how editors receive, evaluate and verify reports. "In particular, I appreciated the information on what CTK is and how it works, how it acquires, processes and transmits and sells reports," said Táňa Holasová from the Prague College of Nursing.

According to Median research, only 30 percent of Czech teachers use textbooks for media education. The rest are looking for resources on the Internet. According to Michal Kaderka from the Na Zatlance Grammar School in Prague, where media education has been an independent subject for several years, the teacher needs to be trained primarily about practical issues, for example, to compare different processing of one event by different media. "ČTK has the know-how to do this, so it should do it," said Kaderka at the seminar.

The main goal of ČTK's involvement in media education in the Czech education system is to improve media literacy, but also to increase awareness of the ČTK brand.