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Hundreds visit CTK seat on its first open day


Prague, Nov 17 (CTK) - About 700 people visited the Czech News Agency (CTK) seat in Prague on the occasion of the first ever open day the public corporation organised in its 100-year-history today.

In guided tours led by CTK insiders, the groups of visitors could seek some pieces of equipment that CTK reporters, correspondents, photographers and other staff used since the agency's establishment - simultaneously with the independent Czechoslovak state - on October 28, 1918.

They could also see the state-of-the art equipment of the contemporary reporters and tour the CTK premises where reports are created to be distributed to the domestic as well as foreign media.

The visitors could have their photo portraits made by the CTK photo bank staff.

"We want to show the public how the agency worked in the past and how it works now, what equipment the reporters used, what our newsroom looks like and how the news services come to being," CTK editor-in-chief Radka Matesova Markova said.

CTK has been commemorating its own and the Czechoslovak state's centenary all the year long.

Apart from the open day today, it previously prepared the Moments of the Century open air exhibition of 163 photographs selected from its archive of more than seven million, which highlight moments from the country's 100-year history.

The exhibition has been travelling across a number of Czech towns.

At present, CTK has 250 employees including about 180 reporters and editors.

Since 1993, it has had the status of a public corporation with its property and budget separated from the state. It has been financed from neither the state budget nor subscribers' fees. It covers all its costs by the proceeds from the sale of its news services.

CTK supplies news, photographs, audios, videos, live transmissions and charts and schemes to over 600 clients.

It daily releases some 500 stories, over 300 own-made photographs and some 1,000 photographs from the world.