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Czech News Agency celebrated its centenary


The Czech News Agency (CTK) celebrated the 100th anniversary of its founding with a party with hundreds of guests at the Zofin Palace in Prague on October 11th.

"ČTK is perhaps the only one of the institutions that still exist today, that was established on the same day as Czechoslovakia. Quite understandably we are proud of it. It it is therefore only natural to celebrate our and the country's birthdays together," CTK’s CEO Jiri Majstr said.

If a company exists for ten years, it is a sign of success. When it is there for hundred years, it is almost unreal, Tony Gillies, editor-in-chief of the Australian Associated Press (AAP) and a member of the Board of the news agencies network MINDS International (www.minds/, of which CTK is a member, said. He reminded the audience, that among the news agencies present at the party there are some that are of similar age to CTK – which shows how the new agency business is resilient.

"CTK has been working along the same principles for 100 years. One can rely on CTK information. I wish it another happy 100 years," Vaclav Paces, a former director of the Czech Academy of Sciences and a grandson of Emil Cermak, the Director-Founder of CTK, said.

Today, CTK provides continuous text and picture service, videos, videostreams, live blogs, data and much, much more, Majstr added pointing out that CTK puts on its wire each day on average 465 text reports, over 300 photographs from its own production and about a thousand photographs from AP. CTK is its sole distributor on the Czech market.