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CTK and Local, Senate Elections


CTK has finished its “marathon” of the local elections and two rounds of the elections to one-third of the Senate. During the two weekends when they took place, the agency issued 730 election stories and 392 headlines as well as 102 flesh news items (brief two-paragraph stories), 93 profiles, 317 photographs, 30 information graphic items, but also six data visualisations, 143 audio recordings, 32 video recordings and seven video streams from the election staffs of political parties and the voting of the president and the prime minister in the elections. The moving of results was considerably sped up in the first round by the premiere of automatically generated news, more than 200 items in total.

Along with quick and precise results, we traditionally offered rich analytical items, miscellaneous election reports, reactions and comparisons. Our clients could, for instance, learn which of the new senators needed the highest number of votes to be elected and which ward had the oldest elected official. The news from the first election weekend was also in the form of liveblog provided for our clients from Friday till Saturday.