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Radka Matesova Markova is CTK's news desk editor-in-chief from Feb


Radka Matesova Markova, 43, hitherto news manager in the Czech News Agency (CTK), will be new editor-in-chief of the news desk in CTK as of February, CTK has said.

Markova will take up the post from the agency's director general Jiri Majstr who has exercised the duties linked with the position since the departure of editor-in-chief Petr Holubec in 2016.

News manager Jan Vavrusak, 42, will be Markova's deputy.

In the middle of January, Zdenek Fucik, 41, former deputy editor-in-chief of news portal, will replace Markova in the post of news manager. He is returning to CTK after several years.

"Forming the news desk's new management was one of the pledges stemming from my tender. As I said immediately after my confirmation in the position, I set as the main criteria that they have to be experienced journalists, they have to have my full confidence and the confidence of people whom they will manage," Majstr said.

Markova sees as her main goal keeping the high standard of CTK's multimedia news reporting and looking for new possibilities for meeting the needs of clients in the current turbulent times.

She is convinced that the importance of quality and independent journalism, which CTK provides, is growing constantly.

"CTK is a team of journalist professionals who work at full stretch. For me personally, the most important thing is that the clients can always rely on CTK," Markova said.

"I am glad that Mr. director general has fulfilled his promise and separated the position of director general from the post of editor-in-chief. The choice of the news desk's editor-in-chief is purely within his powers and I believe that his choice is good," said CTK Council chairman Tomas Mrazek.

"I wish the new editor-in-chief and her team success with CTK's current and future clients," he added.

Markova started working in CTK in 1997 as a domestic news desk's reporter during her studies of political sciences at the Charles University Faculty of Social Sciences. She focused mainly on military issues and Czech foreign policy.

After her educational stay in CTK's Brussels office, she was active as CTK's reporter in Paris in 2001 to 2003. In 2004 to 2007, she managed CTK's foreign desk and then was in charge of a multimedia magazine news project.

Since 2009, Markova has been news manager in CTK. She has recently taken part, for example, in the introduction of CTK's live blogs.

CTK, a public corporation independent of the state, is a multimedia agency, providing some 600 text news as well as photographs, audio recordings, video recordings and graphs daily.

It sells news to clients both home and abroad, including the media, companies, state and public institutions, embassies and other clients, and also media in Slovakia. CTK employs 250 people.