News from CTK

Note for Czech elections


Please note the significant deadlines and information CTK will move ahead of the general election due on October 20-21:

Sept 1 - Deadline for regional offices to decide on deleting candidates from parties' election lists or rejecting a registration.

Sept 5 - The National Election Commission draws lots to allot election numbers to the running parties. We will move a PROFILE with numbers of the entities running.

Sept 10 - Deadline for voters who stay abroad to apply in writing for being put on a special list at the relevant Czech embassy. The embassies will close the lists of voters and send them to the Czech Foreign Ministry by September 20.

Sept 30 - Deadline for the registration of lists of candidates based on a court decision.

Oct 4 - Parties' election spots start to be broadcast on public Czech Television (CT) and Czech Radio (CRo), they may continue until October 18. Municipalities may define places for fixing election posters.

Oct 5 - Deadline for the place and hours of the election to be announced. Municipal offices and foreign missions to start handing over voter cards to the voters who cannot cast their ballots in their home election ward.

Oct 17 - Ban on the release of election public opinion polls' results takes effect, runs through the end of the election. Deadline for election ballots to be distributed among voters.

Oct 18, 14:00 - Deadline for candidates to give up candidacy or be withdrawn. 16:00 - Lists of candidates closed by municipal offices.

Oct 20 - First day of the election to the Chamber of Deputies. Polling stations will be opened from 14:00 to 22:00.

Oct 21 - Second day of the election to the Chamber of Deputies. Polling stations will be opened from 08:00 to 14:00.


Sept 3 - We will move ten PROFILES briefly introducing the programmes of ten political entities that might succeed in the general election, according to public opinion polls (ANO, CSSD, KSCM, ODS, KDU-CSL, TOP 09, Pirates, Greens, STAN, SPD).

Sept 28 - we will move:

- PROFILE with basic information on the election course and procedure.

- PROFILE with questions and answers related to the elections.

- PROFILE with results of the 2013 general election and the 2016 elections to regional parliaments.

Sept 29 - we will move:

- PROFILE with a review of Czech election turnout so far.

- PROFILE with information about post-election steps by the president and parliament.

- PROFILE with selected data about the Chamber of Deputies.

- PROFILE with information about the outgoing Chamber of Deputies at the end of the 2013-2017 election term.

- PROFILE with a review of the Czech governments since 1993.

- PROFILE with selected main events during the Bohuslav Sobotka current government's term of office.

Sept 30 - We will move:

- PROFILE briefly introducing all entities running in the election.

- PROFILE introducing main political entities that might succeed in the election.

Oct 15 - PROFILE with questions and answers ahead of the general election.