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CTK Council puts up tender for CTK director general


Prague - Czech News Agency (CTK) Director General Milan Stibral handed over a letter of resignation to the CTK Council and the Council declared a tender for a new CTK director general today.
Stibral is to retire as of June 9, 2011.
The Council approved Stibral´s decision to retire in June 2011 in 2009 already.
CTK Council chairwoman Pavla Valcakova said the conditions of the tender would be published on CTK´s website The deadline for submitting bids and projects is February 8.
The selection of candidates will proceed according to a new election procedure approved by the Council today.
The CTK Council has six members at present. The seventh seat has been vacant since August last year.
On August 20, 2009, the CTK Council elected Radim Hreha CTK's director general. On September 17, it cancelled the decision because it arrived at the conclusion that Stibral´s resignation was invalid. To avoid any doubts, the Council on October 1 removed Hreha from the post and re-appointed Stibral as director general.
Hreha has taken a legal action against the CTK Council´s decision.
In November last year, the Chamber of Deputies election committee passed CTK´s annual report for 2009 and recommended that the Chamber of Deputies pass it.
According to the report, CTK made a loss for the first time in history owing to the impacts of the global economic crisis on the media market and mainly due to the inclusion of the CTK Repro printing office under the agency. The loss amounted to Kc45m.
CTK covered the loss from reserves created by profits from the previous years. It still has reserves worth tens of millions of crowns for the future.
In 2011, CTK expects balanced results thanks to austerity measures it has adopted.