News from CTK

Mr. Jiri Majstr (50) has been appointed the Director of News at CTK as of August 1st, 2008.


In this newly established position he will oversee all the news generated at the News Agency, integrate its multimedia news production and also integrate news more tightly with current and future technological advances.

Mr Majstr has long professional carrier in CTK, were he started in 1980. He has been permanent correspondent to India, the USA and until his new appointment in the United Kingdom, where he worked for seven years and developed a fully integrated, multimedia approach to foreign correspondent´s work spanning from sport, to politics, to art. He is the lead author of CTK s news manuals and stylebook, which is now in the form of a wiki.

Apart from journalism he worked in managerial positions. He was Deputy Editor in 1996-2001 and as its first Director he helped to establish CTK s internet and new media subsidiary Neris. While in the USA, he established internet presence for CTK English news in 1994.