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New multimedia service - 3D animated graphics


The World Cup served as an opportunity to create and launch a new type of multimedia service - interactive 3D graphics. In collaboration with Designbros, s.r.o., CTK began to create animations of goals from the World Cup football matches. The animations are adapted for various multimedia platforms, including internet, video features as well as mobile phones.

The first media clients who obtained such service offer their users interesting views on the key moments of the World Cup. Furthermore, the viewers have the possibility choose the player's speed of movement as well as the angle of camera perception. The viewer can also slow down, stop or forward the motion. The animation portrays precisely all the referees and the fans, dressed-up in national colors, which helps to reflect the exciting atmosphere of the match.

This new animated service will not end with the World Cup - you continue to obtain 3D graphics not only from sports but also from other fields of the public sphere.