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ČTK broadcasts video streams abroad


The ČTK Special Services Centre is celebrating its success in broadcasting live video streams on demand. Now it is even distributing the signal abroad.

"We have agreed on cooperation with our partner agency APA from Austria. Just as ČTK has its PR service Protext for the distribution of press releases and video content, APA has a similar division called OTS - Original Text Service," Jaroslav Kábele, ČTK's director of strategy and development, said. "We can now broadcast the video on the APA-OTS platform and make an event known not only in Austria but also in neighbouring countries," Kábele added.

"For more than 20 years, we have been providing the top-notch part of the international distribution network for ČTK press releases. We are therefore very pleased to deepen and expand this cooperation for the growing field of video streaming," Julia Wippersberg, Director of APA-OTS, said.

The first to use the new service was the Czech media company Media Network, which organised a health conference with international participation and cross-border reach under the banner of daily Zdravotnický deník. "Our publishing house has been using the high-quality services of live video transmissions of ČTK for a long time when broadcasting conferences that we regularly organise. We are pleased that with the help of ČTK and Austrian news agency APA we have now been able to expand the audience of our international conference to include German-speaking viewers," Media Network Managing Director Ivo Hartmann said.

International broadcasts can be booked at