The possibility of using the CTK communication network to spread own press releases. In the original version, without editing. It is received by all subscribers of the CTK news services.

The paid Protext service can be used to spread information about new products, services, changes in company, press conferences, humanitarian, cultural and sports events. Subscribers of the Protext service are media, the business sphere, the state administration offices, and through the general public.

Protext Video
PROTEXT Video provides a direct video transmission from your press conference, public announcement, new product introduction, event with partners, etc. You can have your own cameraman or we can arrange it for you. Direct transmission runs in real time on the news server České and CTK Protext Facebook. Videostream is part of CTK's news service. It is received by more than 900 journalists, representatives of companies and state institutions.

The Protext service offers

  • the publication of full text, without shortening and editing, in the Czech or English languages. Photos and logos are also published.
  • paid service for companies and individuals
  • accessible at and other 8 news portals
  • news archived in databases, permanent access
  • news marked as "PROTEXT" is sent for free to other interested people via e-mail
  • the possibility of publishing news abroad together with translation into many languages

If you are interested in our services and would like to learn more, please contact us:

Sales Department - ČTK

+420 222 098 111

Opletalova 5/7
111 44 Praha 1