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Primitive outdoor toilets without running water, latrine, WC. (CTK Photo/Rene Fluger)


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CTK Academy is a training centre of the Czech News Agency (CTK). It provides high quality training in media, PR and journalism. Its lecturers are highly experienced and experts in their fields. One-day courses are in Czech, some of them (e.g. basic journalism skills) may also be in English.

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Top Stories

CNB may keep relaxed monetary policy longer --Tomsik

CNB may keep relaxed monetary policy longer --Tomsik

Prague - The Czech National Bank (CNB) may keep relaxed monetary...

13:37 | 02.09.2015

CR most vulnerable of Visegrad Four against Chinese crisis

CR most vulnerable of Visegrad Four against Chinese crisis

Prague - The Czech economy is the most vulnerable of Visegrad...

13:26 | 02.09.2015

PR Service

Coolhousing Develops Network Further, Conscious about Performance and Security

Prague September 1st (PROTEXT) - Continuous development...

09:04 | 01.09.2015

CTK moves online to general newsdesk; Karel Petrak leaving after 16 years

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14:39 | 31.08.2015